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Here is what doctors are saying about the MyVetXray:

The My Vet digital imaging suite truly simplifies radiographic work flow and technicians’ production.

The operation of the power table is silky smooth in both manual and automated/motorized modes. The power table is a real benefit to reducing patient stress with step on comfort and the quiet motorized movements of the table are a major aid to lessening the work load of patient positioning.

The movable stand for positioning the wireless sensor into vertical eases standing lateral imaging and makes cross-table, caudal-cranial imaging of extremities easy to accomplish. For example, a perfect centering through any size canine stifle is easy, quick and patient friendly.

The sensor plate has robust technical specifications and produces crisp, full-scale images with high acutance and edge detail. There is a functional combination of automated exposure options with manual override, as well.

The software for library functions image adjustment are not overbearing, are friendly and include cardiac silhouette size assessment tools as well as rulers, protractors, calculators and marking tools. Image stitching from sequenced exposures is supported and works well.

There is much functionality and innovation in the My Vet imaging suite.

Stephen W. Crane, DVM

DVM, from Las Vegas, chief medical officer and director of Oquendo Center Programs at the Western Veterinary Conference