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The MyVet X-Ray Table is a cost-effective and workflow-efficient approach to veterinary digital radiographic imaging.  It is designed for a faster and more streamlined approach to imaging.

  • Easy, foot switch activated table operation
  • Superior image quality
  • Charging Bucky
  • Wireless flat panel detector technology


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1717 Digital Flat Panel Detector

The 17”x17” detectors utilize a combination of proprietary TFTs and high quality Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillators which, along with a 127-micron pixel pitch (3.9 lp/mm), assures delivery of exceptionally sharp, high quality images.

MyVet X-Ray Table Delivers More Convenience

The 17”x17” wireless flat panel detector is easy to connect in the Bucky tray. A magnetic connector in the Bucky makes it easy to maintain a constant battery charge.

Veterinary Acquisition Software

VetView: a complete image management software featuring easy data searching, fast image acquisition and user friedly functions. The functions include image viewing, reprocessing, optimizing and archiving.

MYVET IMAGING – i72W X-Ray Table

The Global Digital X-Ray Imaging Component & Solution Provider with full lineup of veterinary X-Ray Detector products

The BEST Veterinary Table on the Market

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Elevating Table

Table lowers for easy patient loading
Our motorized table can go as low as 10″ off the ground. Think about all the trouble a large 100 lb dog presents to office staff when trying to get them on a standard table and how much risk is taken with the dog’s health if sedation is needed to take the X-Rays.

Image Stitching

Easily stitches 2 and 3 images.

What an advantage to be able to take a set of 3 exposures and get the full body of a large dog without the need to move them at all.

Weight Bearing

Gravity Dependent Images

We offer a Wall Stand for a 72” SID.  Now you can do weight bearing, fluid exams and standing exams reducing pain or discomfort for the animal as you don’t need to put them on the table.

Quiet Elevation

Noise Free Electric Motors for Patient Comfort

Unique design for Quiet/ Smooth table elevation and table movement – The animal is already in stress and the alien noise of the average table only makes it harder to keep them in position as you need to move them.

40-72 SID

See more anatomy with the same panel

Adjustable 40-72″ SID. The FOV spreads as SID increases. At a 72” SID you will see an added inch of anatomy on all 4 sides due to the decrease in magnification. Close collimator shutters to reduce x-ray beam spread. Helps reduce scatter radiation and lowers excess exposure. More parallel portion of x-ray beam used that reduces penumbra.  A 72” SID avoids the need for an added exposure with more anatomy in a single view and sharper image quality.

The My Vet digital imaging suite truly simplifies radiographic work flow and technicians’ production.more

Coming soon…more

Coming soon…more